2018: Another Beginning

First off, I would to say sorry, again, for not posting in a while. Life can make you lose track if your not careful, but so far, life can also be amazing. A new year has begun, and a lot has already happened.  If you saw my instagram post, you probably already know that I was […]

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Insecurities In Men

I remember things from the media that girls have problems with body image. For instance, little girls feel like they should be like the models from those magazines. I remember this commercial where a little girl was looking at this billboard or something and believed that’s how she should be. Later on, there was model […]

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My First at the Apache Cafe

I’ve been wanting to recite one of my poems for months, now, at the place called the Apache Cafe. Yes, I managed to do it, but it was not easy, especially when it’s first time with no practice or experience. I just to get up to see how it feels and be heard. And, I […]

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My Maturity

I have been doing my best to change my life. I was working on my goals than ever before. I just really want to be somebody because I wasn’t in the past. I was mostly the guy in the background that no one cares about. There have been times when I made it as a […]

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My Abscence

No, I haven’t been blogging for awhile now. Wouldn’t be surprised if I lost some followers. However, it won’t bother me because I was having the time of my life. For a few months, I have been studying Marketing in music and film and Entrepreneurship. I even found some mentors whom I decided to follow. […]

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My Journey as a Musician

Since the beginning, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I wanted to be a poet and writer at first. I was just writing rhymes for the hell of it, and then it progressed into songwriting. I remember my first song; it was straight-up awful. Months later, I wrote a song that was inspired […]

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In This Ungodly Hour

by J.R. Locke a.k.a The Shattered Prince In this Ungodly Hour I could sense the power A tarnished flower Now it’s devoured Cold corpse now hollow Where? I don’t know A demon pulled me low It’s what kept him mellow Why was I chosen? Fate has been spoken.

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Doubts on Songwriting and Music

Sometimes, I don’t believe having a songwriting career is a good idea. I have the knowledge to write a song along with the tools, but I keep having doubts that it’s all worthless. There were days when I thought I should have put more effort in school. Or, I should have just joined the military. […]

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Being Outgoing

A few days, I for job as server and host for Logan’s Roadhouse Restaurant. I got fired a few months ago at Pizza Hut, so I need to find another job. I was hoping the would hire me right away, but like everything, it’s a process. I had to be patient and go through interviews […]

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My Certainity

I was watching this YouTube video on how to be more confident to better life. I learned that I have to stay optimistic every day, so great things can happen to me. It’s called the Law of attraction. If you visualize something that you want, it will come true eventually. Of course, you have to […]

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